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i don't have much to currently fit here so here's a blog.

new color scheme + logo and navbar – 5/5/2019

new update since like, a month ago. this time, i've updated the color scheme for good. no more virtual boy red!

this color scheme is actually from my old site that i made a year ago.

on a second note, my friend miksa made some new sweet graphics for my site (specifically the logo and navbar)!

hopefully you like those changes. if you don't, i don't care.

retracted my new theme – 4/1/2019

i've been talking to some people and they weren't happy for the new theme so i pulled it back.

come on guys! i've spent 4 hours changing hex values in the css just for you, and you just say it's shit?

new theme! – 4/1/2019

i have changed the color scheme to something more pleasant than the normal black and red.

i still need to improve this theme (such as changing the logo and navbar) but right now, it's lookin' good!

php rewrite – 3/25/2019

today, i have rewritten the pages to use the php technology! updating the navbar if needed is now a breeze! also as you may have noticed, i have combined the pages to be on only one page! how convenient!

the pages are all the same, but if you linked to a old link on this, you should update that link.

domain stuff – 3/1/2019

so recently, i have bought a new domain for my website, deviantbart.com. here's a funny story about it.

a few months ago i had the idea to make a 2005 deviantart recreation under the name... deviantbart. however, since i couldn't code, it remained as a idea.

i was reminded of it a few days ago and decided to buy the domain.

today i found out that this domain used to be active back in 2012-2013 and it was a simple page that embedded this video called dark homer.


hello world! – 2/28/2019

welcome to the new layout. i have decided to change the layout to a more comfortable navbar.

i went with a edgy style, because it's cool. i'll probably switch to the original color scheme (black and blue) soon.

for now, enjoy the new site.